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Inspiring Minds, Engaging Students, Transforming Education

At 18luck下载, a K-12 online public school, we know that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to education. At 18luck下载, 我们希望所有的孩子都能选择最适合他们自己和他们学习风格的在线学校. 我们希望学生以自己的方式学习,为毕业后实现自己的目标做好准备. 我们的课程符合俄亥俄州的学习标准,以确保他们从教育中得到最大的好处.

Who we are

18luck下载 (Ohio Distance and Electronic Learning Academy) is a tuition-free, non-sectarian, public, K-12在线特许学校,使用虚拟学校创造最先进的教育体验.

作为一所国家授权的学校,我们直接向俄亥俄州社区学校委员会负责. The Ohio Council of Community Schools sponsors, 监督和监督特许学校,以确保他们遵守州和联邦法律, policies and regulations. OCCS对每一所学校的发展都投入了大量的资金,并确认每一所特许学校财政稳定,学术繁荣.

18luck下载由热情的个人领导,他们致力于教育,在传统教育和教育方面都有经验, homeschool alternative, and online charter school environments. They work closely with our students, 家庭和教师确保18luck下载在线特许学校学生参与和学习.

At 18luck下载, we are unlike other online public schools and homeschool alternatives, students can engage with other students, take part in school-wide activities, receive one-on-one attention from teachers, and have access to the tools they need to excel.

Who we help

Advanced and Independent Students

18luck下载的在线特许学校课程有一个特定的步调,以确保学生在每个学年学习适当的技能和内容. 高级学生可以提前学习,只要他或她参加了强制性的现场课程, completes all required coursework while demonstrating mastery in all required content.

Bullied Students

One out of every four students reports being bullied during the school year. For students who have experienced the intimidation or embarrassment of bullying, returning to traditional school can be difficult.  与18luck下载合作的在线教育提供了一种新的学习方法——一种无需担心欺凌的方法.  With home school programs, the focus is on learning, 但通过现场课堂,学生也有充足的机会在监督和安全的环境中社交和认识新朋友, live help sessions, state testing days and 18luck下载 sponsored events. 在18luck下载,我们努力确保我们的学生在我们的学习社区中感到安全.

Special Education Students

At 18luck下载, 参加个体化教育计划(IEPs)的学生将与干预专家配对,这些专家致力于与家庭合作,以确保实现目标, objectives and accommodations of the IEP are met. Also, 我们与学生和家庭合作,确保根据IEP和学生能力选择合适的课程.

Struggling Students

For many reasons, school can be a struggle for students. By eliminating the crazy schedules and classroom distractions, online learning provides a home school alternative for students who are struggling. At 18luck下载, 学生可以查看实时课堂录音档案,并可以24小时访问课程, 7 days a week in combination with attending live classes and live help sessions. These features, unique to 18luck下载, allow students to stay on pace.

Students with Medical Conditions

Managing a student’s ongoing medical condition can be difficult, especially when attending a traditional school. 由于生病或预约医生而导致的课上落后的压力是巨大的.  Since 18luck下载 records all of its live classes, a student is able to catch up on what was covered in each live class at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  18luck下载的现场课堂录音档案使需要更多灵活性的虚拟家庭学校学生有机会在一天中的任何时间登录和访问在线内容和录音, any day of the week.  随时访问课程和现场录制档案的能力,使18luck下载虚拟家庭学校的学生能够在他们的日程安排需要的范围内灵活地工作,同时确保他们能够跟上进度按时完成课程.

Traveling Students, Student Performers, Student Athletes

无论你的家人出差还是你的学生参加的活动需要经常出差, 18luck下载 virtual school can meet your student’s educational needs. Even though your city or location changes, 18luck下载 online public school offers its students a consistent education.

A front row seat to virtual education.

The 18luck下载 difference is a learning experience unlike any other. At 18luck下载, 学生接受高质量的教育,成为学术成功和终生学习的坚实基础. At the same time, 学生有能力获得责任,同时提高他们的决策技能. 因为人际关系对教育来说和书本和考试一样重要, 我们创造了一个互动的环境,学生们可以与同龄人交朋友,甚至通过18luck下载实地旅行和家庭日见面.

Creating a learning environment that works best for the student.

Students can access class content 24/7. If a student is struggling, 他或她可以投入额外的时间,或者在现场帮助课程中与老师见面,在更具挑战性的话题上获得额外的帮助. 我们的老师把了解他们的学生作为他们的首要任务,并为他们配备适合他们的兴趣和需要的资源.

18luck下载 + Parents: Making a difference in and out of the virtual classroom.

18luck下载 encourages parents to take an active role in their student’s education. We would like our parents and students to get to know our teaching staff. Our teachers look forward to getting to know parents too, 让大家共同努力,实现为学生设定的教育目标. 我们优秀的工作人员和教职人员总是可以提供问题,并为家长提供教师提示,可以用来帮助孩子通过功课科目, questions and assignments.

18luck下载的学生可以参与18luck下载社区,并通过18luck下载实地旅行和活动与同龄人一起享受时光. To stay up-to-date on what’s going on in our community, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The 18luck下载 Mission


如果您正在查看俄亥俄在线学校,并想亲自体验18luck下载的不同, start by calling (888) 878-4530.


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